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Josh and Michial talk about Disney’s 21st animated feature, 1973’s Robin Hood. Oo-da-lally!

One thought on “Before They Were Live, Episode 21: Robin Hood”
  1. The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian arrive in the Holy Land to put the deadly Shah Mat operation into action. The Sheriff and Gisborne meet their Saracen allies: a mercenary thug, Karim, and a twisted schemer, Nasir, who is to masquerade as Saladin’s messenger and convince King Richard that Saladin wants peace. Robin and the outlaws arrive and run into Carter, from the episode “Get Carter”. Robin discovers the whereabouts of the King and sets off to find his old friend and hero. However, the King believes that Robin intends to take his life. Richard doesn’t execute the outlaws but instead ties them up in the desert. The King then leaves for a peace talk with Saladin. The Sheriff turns up with a captive Marian and a Black Knight spy in the King’s camp. They tie Marian up to Robin and leave to kill the King. Fearing this may be their last chance, Robin and Marian begin to exchange wedding vows before Carter appears on the horizon to rescue them. The deadly meeting between the King and Saladin takes place. Karim, posing as Saladin, reveals his true and treacherous identity and attacks. However, he doesn’t bargain on meeting Robin, who has taken the King’s place. Their cover blown, the Sheriff and his allies retreat to the town and a furious battle breaks out. In the chaos, King Richard saves Robin and Robin kills Nasir. The Sheriff fires an arrow into King Richard’s back which leaves Richard severely injured. The Sheriff is forced to flee when Carter pursues him, but he lures the King’s bodyguard into a fatal ambush. An adamant Gisborne still wishes to escape to England and take Marian for his bride, by force if needed. His feelings are soon quashed when Marian refuses. Guy runs Marian through with his sword just as Robin and his men arrive. Using the King’s ring for a wedding ring, Robin and Marian are married. After the vows Marian rips the sword from her body, and dies. After the burials of Carter and Marian, King Richard tells Robin of their next move and proclaims with his men, “We are Robin Hood!” Djaq and Will reveal that they have decided to stay in the Holy Land together. The four remaining outlaws then begin their way home, vowing to finish the Sheriff and Gisborne once and for all.

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