Complementarianish #1

Introductions: Alexis Neal, Sara Klooster, and Katie Grubbs

-How this series grew from Christian Feminist Podcast

-Why we are doing this



Jonathan Leeman’s “A Word of Empathy, Warning, and Counsel for ‘Narrow’ Complementarians”

-The differences between narrow and broad complementarians

-“Empathy and warning”: the risks of falling into either patriarchy or interchangeability

-How have we seen this tendency to fall into either patriarchy or interchangeability in our churches and in our lives?

-Law/wisdom and straight line/jagged line dichotomies



-Are the law/wisdom and straight line/jagged line dichotomies useful?

-Is there anything that we would add to his article that he never mentioned at all but would be useful?

-Bearing in mind all these various ideas (narrow/broad, straight/jagged, etc.), WHO are we? Where do we fall on the complementarian spectrum? Broad? Narrow? Some mix of the two?

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One thought on “Complementarianish 1: The Christian Feminist Podcast Presents…Complementarianish”
  1. Does this podcast still exist anywhere to listen to? It seems the complementarianish podcast was mentioned as late as January 2022, but if it’s available anywhere I sure can’t find it.

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