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As modern technology gets a firmer and firmer grip on human life, more and more people have begun to publicly and privately worry about it. And yet this worry has so far not resulted in much practical resistance to the encroaching power of technology: We’re all still posting on social media even though we know we’re essentially bait for advertisers; we’re all still buying new devices even though we know we don’t need them; we’re all still giving Silicon Valley and its emissaries social, political, and financial capital even though we sense, perhaps vaguely, that they will not be using it for our benefit. What’s worse, Christians—who really ought to be most aware of the dangers of technologism—do not resist it any better than their non-Christian counterparts, and maybe don’t do so at all.

Our guest today on Christian Humanist Profiles is Craig M. Gay, whose new book is Modern Technology and the Human Future; in it, he tries to sketch out a Christian mode of resistance to technopoly, as well as to corporate capitalism, Gnosticism, and all the other -isms that so often go along with it. Modern Technology and the Human Future is out now from IVP Academic.

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