In this episode, the Book of Nature co-host Charles Hackney, and the Christian Feminist Podcast’s Victoria Reynolds Farmer and Sara Klooster tackle the film that arguably is Alfred Hitchcock’s best and most profoundly disturbing: Psycho.  Regardless of whether one agrees that it is his best film, its influence on the genre of horror, and on film in general, is undeniable.  In this episode, our hosts followed the meandering path reflected in the following highly structured list:

  1. Introduction and chatting about the weather
  2. Psycho Plot Summary (SPOILERS!!!)
  3. Production
  4. Reception
  5. The Psychology of Psycho
  6. Psycho and the Horror Genre
  7. Cultural Impact of Psycho
  8. Psycho and Our View of Psychiatry
  9. Final Thoughts

Enjoy!  (and click here to listen)

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