In this episode from Summer, 2018, the Book of Nature guys tackle a subject that has been on many peoples’ minds for much of 2018 given events in Hawaii at Mt. Kilauea – the subject of volcanos and volcanic activity.  To listen, click here:  Episode 28: Volcanos

Among the topics discussed in this episode are

  • Varieties of Volcanos
  • Dangers from Volcanic Activity
  • Volcanos in human history
  • Current events in Hawaii (which spawned this episode)
  • Fears and anxieties caused by volcanos
  • Volcanos in pop culture

A sampling of helpful and informative links concerning volcanos and the history of our understanding of them may be found below:

Types of Volcanos

What is a Supervolcano? 



Volcanos at the Movies!

News of recent developments in Hawaii:



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