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Nathan Gilmour talks about the “motte and bailey” fallacy with Michial Farmer and David Grubbs.

Nicholas Shackel, “Motte and Bailey Doctrines”
Scott Alexander, “All in All, Another Brick in the Motte”

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 244: Motte and Bailey”
  1. Nate Gilmour corrupter of the Youth!

    I had the privilege of being in Webb Hall my Freshman year at Milligan College. Nate was the RA. I was in awe of his extreme nerdiness and intellectual gifts. I have to say that meeting him, along with other students, especially Dr. Kenneson and Dr. Farmer, opened a world to me. As my fellow student, I relied on him to read and explain Hegel and Kant.

    I believe I’ve listened (or attempted, some of the more Englishy ones were a bit much) every one of the podcasts. I enjoy many of the shows. You do need to tell the Book of Nature people that they are great but slackers. I enjoy the Sectarian Review and commend Danny’s entertaining topics. The exacerbated Marxist guest is quite the treat. The City of Man is good too.

    I enjoy listening to the podcasts on my long commutes as a pastor and hospital chaplain. Every time Gilmour says, “at any rate” I brought back to my Milligan days. Listening to this episode I realize that I was “that guy” philosophy student. I blame Gilmour.

    Also I did not poop in a box and put it in his closet.

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