1 comment for “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 244: Motte and Bailey

  1. Philip Rutledge
    12 September 2018 at 1:21 PM

    Nate Gilmour corrupter of the Youth!

    I had the privilege of being in Webb Hall my Freshman year at Milligan College. Nate was the RA. I was in awe of his extreme nerdiness and intellectual gifts. I have to say that meeting him, along with other students, especially Dr. Kenneson and Dr. Farmer, opened a world to me. As my fellow student, I relied on him to read and explain Hegel and Kant.

    I believe I’ve listened (or attempted, some of the more Englishy ones were a bit much) every one of the podcasts. I enjoy many of the shows. You do need to tell the Book of Nature people that they are great but slackers. I enjoy the Sectarian Review and commend Danny’s entertaining topics. The exacerbated Marxist guest is quite the treat. The City of Man is good too.

    I enjoy listening to the podcasts on my long commutes as a pastor and hospital chaplain. Every time Gilmour says, “at any rate” I brought back to my Milligan days. Listening to this episode I realize that I was “that guy” philosophy student. I blame Gilmour.

    Also I did not poop in a box and put it in his closet.

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