Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #80: The Christian Patriarchy Movement

Katie Grubbs, Victoria Reynolds Farmer and Blake Miller discuss the Christian Patriarchy movement.

-Introduction: why we chose this topic and how the organization of this episode will differ slightly from our usual method



-Our previous personal experience with/exposure to this movement

-Major groups involved in this movement (Vision Forum, ATI, etc.)

-What do these people believe?

-Summary (by Blake) and discussion of the beliefs outlined in the Vision Forum tenets article and Libby Anne’s articles from Patheos



-Question 1: How does this movement affect people? Summary (by Victoria) and discussion of the “college” article and other ways this movement could negatively affect women and men

-Question 2: How does this movement differ from the mainstream of complementarian thought? Summary (by Katie) and discussion of the R21 article



Katie: Amelia to Zora: 26 Women Who Changed the World

Blake: Stephen King’s Sleeping Beauties

Victoria: No Longer Quivering and Recovering Grace



Other links:

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