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Here at the Christian Humanist Radio Network, of course we’re interested in the long conversation about what human existence entails.  We know that our being has something to do with our place as the Creator’s image in the temple that is the world. We have a hunch that making art situates us as analogous in some sense to the primal act of creation.  And those of us who have heard the Westminster Catechism recited think that there’s at least something to the claim that our chief end is to glorify and enjoy God.  But for some, starting with those claims leads not further up and further in but out into strange intellectual territory, not committed to atheism as Bertrand Russell or Friedrich Nietzsche would recognize it but simply unaffiliated.  Dr. Nathan Jacobs, writer and director and Basil–we’ll get to that in a moment–for the new film Becoming Truly Human, sets stories of losing my affiliation next to a journey into the oldest of Christian traditions, and the intersections are fascinating.  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to welcome him on the show to talk about his film.

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