Two someone elses, really. As you all know, Houston was hit with historic flooding during Hurricane Harvey a month ago. The recovery is well underway on a city-scale, but in many neighborhoods and for many individuals, the long hard process has only begun.

Things worked out well for the Grubbs family (David, Katie, and their littles). We had no property damage, no loss of belongings, no loss of income. (Heck, our freezer didn’t even thaw!) But for many of my colleagues and students, that wasn’t the case, and their academic year keeps going whether they are ready to keep up with it or not.

That leads me to this: on Facebook, I mentioned some weeks ago that two of my close colleagues were pretty much wiped out by Harvey: Doni Wilson (English) and Jesse GrothOlson (Media). Some of our listeners messaged me privately to ask for links to their GoFundMe pages. That was a big encouragement to me: my pockets aren’t deep, but many little pockets can do deep work! So, I decided to link them on the blog, on the chance that other listeners might want to be generous in that way too.

Doni Wilson’s GoFundMe

Jesse GrothOlson’s GoFundMe

One thing: they don’t know I’m doing this, and I’d just as soon they keep not knowing. So, whether you give anonymously or not, there’s no need for a hat-tip toward the Christian Humanists.

Thanks for your consideration!

David Grubbs
Christian Humanist Podcast
Houston Baptist University

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