God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life, Evangelical. You’ve accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, been born again, and washed in the blood! So now make sure that you have your quiet time, go to Bible study, and witness. But while you’re doing all those things, Evangelical, just know that there’s this doctrine of the Trinity over here in the corner: it’s really old and really valuable, and if you break it, you’re in trouble. So, better not get too close, and stick to the practical things. If that’s your experience of Christianity, Evangelical, has Fred Sanders got good news for you—the best news—the Gospel! Because that Trinity you tiptoe around in awe is the greatest treasure you could ever know, and you’re already inside of it; it is the depth beneath all the Christian things you already know and do; it is the Deep Things of God. In this episode of Christian Humanist Profiles, David Grubbs interviews Dr. Fred Sanders, professor in Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute and author of The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything (Crossway, 2017).

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