Christian Humanist Profiles 110: Wendell Berry and Higher Education

That something is wrong with higher education in North America is indisputable by now. What, exactly, is wrong is more up for debate. The last decade has given us an awful lot of hand-wringing on the subject—books like Andrew Delbanco’s College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be, and Mark Taylor’s Crisis on Campus have prompted a lot of anxiety and discussions among college professors and society at large. Our guests today on Christian Humanist Profiles, Jack Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro, have given us an important and eloquent elucidation of what they see as the central issues with higher education in the 21st century—and a few suggestions of how we can get our colleges and universities back on track. Their book Wendell Berry and Higher Education: Cultivating Virtues of Place is out now from the University of Kentucky Press.

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