Hey Humanists!

This summer we’ve got another read-through for you, our first attempt to go through a novel together.  Nathan Gilmour and some of his colleagues at Emmanuel College (and possibly a student or two, but we’ll see on that one) are starting–not for the first time in some of our cases–David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel Infinite Jest, and we’re going to try both to write up some material for each segment of the novel.

Because the book doesn’t proceed in numbered chapters, we’re going to write about roughly hundred-page segments on each post, and we’ll be sure to announce at the head of each that we’re going to spoil plot events.  We’ll also try to gear each post towards questions to pose as a reader engages the novel rather than straight-up plot summaries.

The series should start within a week, so if you’re interested in jumping in, obtain a copy, and read along with us!

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