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In one of The Wire’s many memorable scenes, the older and more seasoned Vinson has a caution for the young gangster Marlo Stanfield as he aspires to dominance in the Baltimore drug-war: “Prison and graveyards are full of boys who wore the crown.”  Marlo quickly responds, “The point is, they wore it.  It’s my turn to wear it now.”  That’s the despair that pervades that paragon of postmodern tragedy, and it presents a challenge to Christians: do we have anything beyond wearing the crown to which we can aspire?  N.T. Wright has written a shelf of books taking up that late-industrial gantlet, and in his recent book The Day the Revolution Began, he drives home the pervasive, eschatological, political, hopeful answer: on a Friday evening in Roman-occupied Palestine, God put to rout the crowns and the thrones, the forces and the principalities, and commissioned us not to win any battle but to show the world that it’s already won.  He’s here today to talk with us about that, and Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to have him back on the show.

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