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On the morning after, Coyle and Ed offer their immediate thoughts on the stunning election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

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4 thoughts on “City of Man, Episode 22: Post Election Review”
  1. Good job of having a civil discussion without freaking out, guys.  Clearly this was recorded before all the protests/riots started.  What I find particularly dismaying are the reports from various campuses of “traumatized” leftists handling the election as if it were a real mental health crisis.

    I agree, I’d like to hear you do an Obamacare episode and a climate change episode.  I didn’t vote for either of the major candidates, so I may have to go back and listen to your “How Can a Christian Vote for..” episodes for y’all’s take on Evangelical support for Trump as opposed to Clinton.

  2. charleshackney Thanks! (Though I doubt you’d be surprised by our conclusions on the “How Can a Christian Vote for…” episodes, I think they’re still worth listening to!) I’m sure we’ll get to Obamacare and climate change at some point, though both will be a fairly steep learning curve for me…

  3. Agreed.  Thanks for civil discussions.  Also agree that Obamacare and climate change episodes would be nice.  

    I’ve only listened to a third of your episodes so I’m not sure if you’ve ever discussed Wendell Berry’s writings.  I find him fascinating because it seems both ends of the political spectrum put him in the other end.  But that’s just me, I’m not too familiar with political theory.

  4. djlnhaus I think he may have come up once or twice. I have enjoyed Wendell Berry, and we might do a Berry episode at some point (or more generally an agrarianism one), but I also feel like he’s kind of a one-note guy. Once you get his core argument down, his work gets a bit repetitive…

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