Join Danny as he welcomes Jay Eldred back to the show for Part 2 of our mountaineering expedition. Here we pick up where episode 1 left off.

Defined broadly, Dominionism is the ideology that Christians need to infiltrate and control the 7 “Mountains” of secular social institutions: Family, Religion, Education, Media, Entertainment, Business, and Government.

[Joe Carter, writing at First Things], has suggested that the very concept of a Christian Plot against America (I love Philip Roth) is conspiratorial nonsense. To the degree that there is an organized, concerted effort to enact a specific agenda, I agree with Carter. What his claim misses, however, is the fact that these Dominionist ideas are at their most dangerous not when they are attached to an organization, but when they manifest as un-examined theological beliefs within Christian popular culture. This episode explores that aspect of Dominionism.

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