"That's a wrap"

And Season 2 comes to an end! Thanks to everyone who wrote in this year, especially Eric Johnson (who asked a great question about Pietism and politics), Johanna Fenton (who prompted us to dive deeper into the nature of peace and Christian unity — with an assist from North Park Seminary professor Jay Phelan), and Christian Humanist friend Jay Eldred (who reassured us that what we’re talking about is new to many of our listeners, not all of whom are eager to be called on by the professor).

Of course, we’d still welcome feedback as we transition out of podcasting and into the actual writing of our book. If you’re coming late to the conversation, below is an index to the rest of the season — all of which is available from iTunes, Feedburner, etc. Thanks for listening!

Episode Title Debut
13 Introductions: A New Book, A New Season 1/7/16
14 Introductions: What Is Pietism? 1/14/16
15 Introductions: Pietists Today 1/21/16
16 Starting Points: What’s Wrong? 2/11/16
17 Starting Points: Why So Hopeful? 2/25/16
18 Proposals: A Greater Attentiveness to Scripture 3/24/16
19 Proposals: The Common Priesthood for the Common Good 4/7/16
20 Proposals: Christianity as Life 4/14/16
21 Proposals: A Peaceable Spirit 4/21/16
22 Proposals: Education as Whole-Life Formation 4/28/16
23 Proposals: Preaching (and Listening) 5/12/16
24 Conclusions: The Pietist Future of American Christianity 5/19/16

Image credit: CC BY 2.0 Sean MacEntee

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