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As the world around us becomes increasingly polluted, as its natural resources become increasingly depleted, Norman Wirzba Cover Artas climate change continues to progress, largely unabated, scientists warn us that the world as we know it may come to an end. But no one can agree on solutions to stop this from happening, leading many of us to despair of any positive future for the human race and its planet. Our guest today on Christian Humanist Profiles suggests that we may be looking at this the wrong way, that perhaps good theology is the solution to the crisis of the environment. Norman Wirzba is professor of theology, ecology, and agrarian studies at Duke Divinity School. His book, From Nature to Creation: A Christian Vision for Understanding and Loving Our World, is the latest book in Baker’s The Church and Postmodern Culture series.

2 thoughts on “Christian Humanist Profiles 72: From Nature to Creation”
  1. Hi, the link appears to be broken to your interview with Norman Wirzba. I would like to use it as a resource for my small group curriculum on environmental discipleship. Can you please help me find it?



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