Michial Farmer and Nathan Gilmour answer your queries and insults.

[2:50- 6:20] Calculus, engineers, and mathematical educationwoman-reading-a-letter-woman-in-blue-reading-a-letter-300x300
[6:20 – 11:40] Oldies and Neo-Calvinism/Emergent
[11:40- 16:50] Medieval thinking and interactive sites
[16:50- 39:05] Nathan and Michial fight about the Eucharist
[39:10- 44:50] The Brothers Karamazov and other novels
[44:55- 52:05] Radical Orthodoxy vs. Radical Theology
[52:05- 59:30] Ya’ll and forbearance and comments on Silence

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #180.1”
  1. Heh, I had just been thinking of writing an e-mail suggesting Confederacy of Dunces! Ignatius Reilly is, in some ways, an insane bizarro-world foil of a
    Christian Humanist. For example, he loves Boethius like Gilmour and
    says things like “veneration of Mark Twain is at the roots of our
    current intellectual stalemate” like Farmer.
    War and Peace is, I think, not that bad if you get an edition with good notes, can get past the first 100 or so pages, and have the patience to push all the way through it. In  some places it’s quite a page-turner…lots of epic battle scenes and stuff, and from a big war most Americans don’t know much about. But with lots of human stories to ground it. In many ways the novel is quite modern, more so than Brothers Karamazov (that’s not a value judgment). The only part I don’t like is that Tolstoy’s rants against the “great men” view of history occasionally get tiresome.

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