-Welcome new panelist Heather!

-How this podcast topic arose from Katie’s dissertation research


  • The primacy of women’s roles in ancient Greek funeral practices

-Preparing bodies for burial


  • Gendered mourning in the Bible

-The mourning women of Jeremiah 9:17



-Jephthah’s daughter

  • Medieval and Renaissance gendered mourning

-Medieval representations of the Three Maries mourning for Christ

-Gendered rules for mourning in early modern heraldic funerals

-Women’s continued roles as preparers of dead bodies


  • Patricia Phillippy’s Women, Death and Literature in Post-Reformation England

-the mind/body dichotomy or Cartesian split as applied to gendered mourning, with women placing emphasis on the dead bodies and men emphasizing the exalted souls of the deceased

-maternal mourning mode vs. patriarchal mourning mode

  • Richard III as a case study of gendered mourning



  • Later manifestations or discussions of gendered mourning

-Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (Marianne and Elinor Dashwood)

-Austen’s Persuasion (Anne Elliot and Captain James Benwick)


-Kenneth C. Haugk’s Journeying Through Grief series

-Jason Reynolds’ The Boy in the Black Suit

-William Shakespeare’s King John (especially the character of Constance)


One thought on “The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode #28: Gendered Mourning”
  1. I am writing a final essay for my funerals practicum and the podcast was cut short! It would have been nice to write from a feminist theological perspective, as it does not exist in the 5 books I am writing from.

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