The Pietist Schoolman Podcast, Episode #9: A Wesleyan Perspective

After an early summer hiatus, we return this week with the first in a series of episodes sharing perspectives on Christian higher education from traditions both distinct from and historically related to Pietism. First up, Wesleyanism.

Hawthorne, A First Step into a Much Larger WorldIt’s represented here by sociologist John Hawthorne, professor at Spring Arbor University and a former administrator at Point Loma Nazarene University, Warner Pacific College, and Sterling College. Our conversation about higher ed took us from the limitations of “worldview” and “faith-learning integration” language to Wesleyan emphases on ordinary means of grace and the continuing nature of creation.

In addition, John and I mused about how a Supreme Court decision affirming a right to marriage for same-sex couples (which actually came down three days after we recorded) would have repercussions for Christian colleges and universities. That plus an analysis of the future of evangelicalism!

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