There’s often a mutual uneasiness between environmentalists and Christians, especially evangelical Jeffrey Bilbro Cover ArtChristians, as if believing the Apostle’s Creed means that you aren’t able to care about the condition of the material world, and as if caring about the condition of the material world means that you’re not able to take orthodoxy seriously. Fortunately, Christians of all faith traditions are waking up to the importance of environmentalism and ecology, and we’re beginning to see conservation as an inherently religious discipline. Our guest today on Christian Humanist Profiles is Dr. Jeffrey Bilbro, assistant professor of English at Spring Arbor University and the author of Loving God’s Wildness: The Christian Roots of Ecological Ethics in American Literature, out now from the University of Alabama Press. As the subtitle suggests, the book demonstrates the ways in which the modern environmentalist movement builds on a theological foundation, even as it corrects bad theology

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  1. Huh!  I had never read before that Muir was from the Stone-Campbell movement.  I suppose I can add him to Weird Al when I tell people which famous people are among us!

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