DYSTOPIAEpisode 5: Dystopias

In this episode, Todd Pedlar hosts a discussion of dystopian literature and film, asking why the dystopian is so attractive to us and probing the interface between dystopian worlds and science and technology,  A few of the highlights of Episode 5 are:

  • Defining dystopia and utopia, and introducing some of the earliest dystopian fiction
  • Exploration of the connection between dystopian fiction and science – why is science so scary?
  • How the subject matter of dystopian fiction has changed over the centuries, from the earliest dystopian ideas to today.  Have we come about full circle, from societal/cultural fears to fears about science, and back again?
  • The attraction of dystopias: are we simply people who like to beat our own psyches up, or is there more to it?
  • The co-hosts share their favorite dystopian films
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