Galileo_facing_the_Roman_InquisitionEpisode 2: Science vs. Scientism

In the second episode, Todd Pedlar hosts a discussion of an important distinction for scientists of any kind, let alone Christians who are active in the disciplines of science.  That is, the distinction between science and scientism. Several major figures in science who have popular appeal promote a kind of “science worship” that many who practice science, both Christian and non-Christian alike, find objectionable. Today we explore some of this territory. A few of the major landmarks for Episode 2 are:

  • Silly banter about weather and Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Dan sets the stage, defining our subject: Science and Scientism
  • Charles lays out the critical distinction between methodological and metaphysical naturalism
  • The trio pontificates on The Scientific…er…Method
  • Charles ponders the peculiar power of presuppositions: how one’s prior commitments impact the way one practices scientific inquiry, and potentially even the results of one’s studies
  • How Far is Too Far in Science? The threats that scientism represents for Christians in the sciences and for the general population
  • Concluding Thoughts
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