The True.  The Good.  The Beautiful.  Such are the calls to arms for the Romantics and the Idealists, the avaldsnes-church-1820philosophers as well as the poets.  All sorts of people praise the beautiful, but the disciplined philosophical exploration of the beautiful, in the natural world as well as in human works, has always been a battlefield of sorts, and Dr. John Dadosky’s recent book The Eclipse and Recovery of Beauty joins that fray as it parts from the work of notable 20th-century aesthetic theorist Hans Urs von Balthasar in its appropriation rather than rejection of philosophy’s turn to the subject.  The resulting exploration is intellectually rigorous, raising questions about how the ethical and the aesthetic relate to one another as well as how Christian philosophy particularly might proceed on questions of beauty and ecology.

The Eclipse and Recovery of Beauty: A Lonergan Approach

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