Christian Humanist Profiles Episode 8: Approaching the End with Stanley Hauerwas

HauerwasIf the LORD had led Israel out of Egypt, Dayenu.  If the LORD had wrought justice upon the Egyptians, Dayenu.  If the LORD had wrought justice on their gods, Dayenu.  The refrain from the Passover song reminds those celebrating that God’s generosity overflows each grand tale told of the mighty acts and the provision for Israel.  It would have been enough merely to have such glorious memories, but as Stanley Hauerwas’s most recent book, Approaching the End, reminds us,  every act of God remembered surges forward to set before the faithful a road, a path, a way to journey that transforms both our ways of imagining the world and the lives of the people who travel that way.  Christian Humanist Profiles this day welcomes Dr. Stanley Hauerwas to a conversation about the end, the people who sing the end, and the practice of theology as it forms us joyfully to embrace the end.


Great interview Nathan.

Has Hauerwas interacted much with Orthodox theology?  Much here was very familiar.


I really enjoyed this interview.  And how about NG - getting props from Hauerwas.  On multiple occasions.  Nice!  After hearing the CHP talk about this guy off-and-on throughout the past 138 episodes it was cool to hear NG interview him.  The most impactful segment for me was the discussion on death, but it was all good.  Thank you for the Profiles show!

ngilmour moderator

@RobertPankey I don't remember his citing many Orthodox figures--he tends to keep his focus on the West--but since his influences run from 13th-century Catholics to 20th-century Anabaptists, I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were some Orthodoxy in there as well.