General Introductiontintoretto_caino_abele
– Nathan levels up!
– Listener feedback
– Christian naturism
– Rogers, Rogers everywhere
– Telos and Matthew 5:48
– Christian college and losing one’s faith
– The problem with universal morality

The Genesis Account
– The first mortal born of humans
– A function name, not an origin name
– Cain’s sacrifice and Abel’s
– Blood crying out
– The mark of Cain
– The father of the arts and violence
– The cursed ground, and the cursed man who works it
– The running theme of exile
– Younger brothers

The New Testament Writers
– Righteousness and unrighteousness
– Looking for motivation
– Jesus and Abel
– The blood’s still speaking
– The Second-Temple midrash

And Now, David Grubbs (And Nathan Gilmour) Talks Beowulf
– Kinsman murder
– The father of inhuman monsters
– Dwellers in the wilderness
– The arts of crime

Steinbeck’s East of Eden
– The quality of the novel
– Beyond good and evil
– Generational curses
– Adam’s Timshel blessing
– Steinbeck discovers free will

Augustine’s City of God
– Cain as colonist
– Augustine’s midrashic project
– Cain and Romulus
– Love of glory, love of God
– Genealogy, not allegory
– Augustine’s multitudes

Other Cains
– Abel’s corpse
– The sins of the fathers
– Vampire: The Masquerade
– Baroque art
– Mormons, Cain, and Bigfoot

Our theme music this week is Brother Cane’s “Got No Shame”—a Gilmour pick if ever there was one.

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #134: Cain”
  1. I was taught in Sunday school growing up that God preferred Abel’s offering because Abel gave him the best from what he had and Cain didn’t. I’m not totally sold on that reading, but the text does say Abel brought God the “firstborn of his flock”, so it’s hinted at.

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