The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #134: Cain

General Introductiontintoretto_caino_abele
– Nathan levels up!
– Listener feedback
– Christian naturism
– Rogers, Rogers everywhere
– Telos and Matthew 5:48
– Christian college and losing one’s faith
– The problem with universal morality

The Genesis Account
– The first mortal born of humans
– A function name, not an origin name
– Cain’s sacrifice and Abel’s
– Blood crying out
– The mark of Cain
– The father of the arts and violence
– The cursed ground, and the cursed man who works it
– The running theme of exile
– Younger brothers

The New Testament Writers
– Righteousness and unrighteousness
– Looking for motivation
– Jesus and Abel
– The blood’s still speaking
– The Second-Temple midrash

And Now, David Grubbs (And Nathan Gilmour) Talks Beowulf
– Kinsman murder
– The father of inhuman monsters
– Dwellers in the wilderness
– The arts of crime

Steinbeck’s East of Eden
– The quality of the novel
– Beyond good and evil
– Generational curses
– Adam’s Timshel blessing
– Steinbeck discovers free will

Augustine’s City of God
– Cain as colonist
– Augustine’s midrashic project
– Cain and Romulus
– Love of glory, love of God
– Genealogy, not allegory
– Augustine’s multitudes

Other Cains
– Abel’s corpse
– The sins of the fathers
– Vampire: The Masquerade
– Baroque art
– Mormons, Cain, and Bigfoot

Our theme music this week is Brother Cane’s “Got No Shame”—a Gilmour pick if ever there was one.

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