General Introduction
– A full slate of PhDs
– Listener feedback
– Some Lewis corrections and additions
– A technical comment, plagued by technical problems
– Yes, Grubbs knows about Tolkien’s Beowulf

Hebrew Science
– Our desert God
– Weather as punishment
– Deus ex turbine
– The God who is not in the wind
– The rain on the unjust
– Weather and the ocean

Greek Science
– Aristotle’s interests
– Elemental thought
– Bodies in space
– Oceanus and the sources of water
– What he gets right and wrong

The Polar Vortex
– The price of seasons
– Blame the popular media
– Dan explains it all
– Higgs Boson

Snowmageddon 2014
– How did Nathan survive?
– A political, not a meteorological, issue
– The darker tales of Jack London
– Can we blame weathermen?
– Dan defends James Spann
– Meteorologist as wizard
– Uncertainty in forecasting

The Weather Channel
– Weather reality television and weather theater
– Behold the wrath of the Internet
– Local weathermen
– Network decay
– Where should we go instead?

The Stilling of the Storm
– The sea as hostile force
– The supernatural and the scientific
– How big is weather? (Big.)

Our theme music today is “Pop Song 89” by R.E.M., for reasons that should be obvious.

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