General Introduction
– Danny’s first hosting stint!
– Listener feedback
– Analytic philosophy

Background and Context
– Why Lucas didn’t direct
– The good student
– How the movie was written
– Keeping the actors in the dark

I Am Your Father
– What Hamill heard
– Back to the monomyth
– When did Lucas decide on this?
– Its effect on the audience
– Luke’s non-suicide

Landscapes and Ecosystems
– The ice planet Hoth
– The primordial swamp
– The living asteroid
– The city in the clouds
– The margins of political power
– Darth Vader maneuvers

The Fandom
– Filling the gaps
– Fanboys and biblical interpretation
– Lucas’s homages
– Lucas vs. his fans

The Force
– And Yoda
– Eastern philosophy
– The Force and human emotion
– The Freudian background
– Magnitude vs. finitude
– A Christian Star Wars?

A Philosophical Breakdance
– Luke’s failure in the cave
– Slow and fast motion
– Weapons won’t help you here
– Becoming the monsters you fight
– The systematic theology of Star Wars 

Other Stuff
– Cementing its status
– The non-speaking characters
– Lando Calrissian
– Boba Fett

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