The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #95: Plato's Aesthetics

General Introduction
– Dry, bleeding Kansas
– Hardcore listener feedback

Ancient Greek Art
– Our access to it
– Black and red, figure and background
– The Parthenon
– Classical tragedy and comedy
– Other poetry
– Music
– What did the statues look like?

The Republic and Art
– The educational argument
– Plato’s ultimate concerns
– Whom is Plato talking about?
– The metaphysical argument
– Who emulates Homer?
– The theory of forms

Elsewhere in Plato
– Everywhere else in Plato
– Divine madness
– Plato and music
– Phaedrus’s citations

Representational Art
– What would Plato say to abstract art?
– Plato’s invitation
– Golden ratios and principles

Poets’ Love for Plato
– Plato vs. Platonism
– Plato and the experience of writing
– Writing as whitewater rafting
– Plato as allegorist
– Dialogue and monologues

Echoes of Plato
– Marxism’s and Feminism’s Debt to Plato
– Reincorporating form
– Computer-generated art
– The Christian argument against paganism
– Poet as prophet
– Modernist Platonism

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