The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #64: Environmentalism

General Introduction
– “Technical difficulties”
– What’s on the blog?
– David, half-asleep
– Women crawl out of the woodwork

Biblical Creation
– Stewardship
– Christ as agent of creation
– The fall of the planet

Saving St. Augustine
– Manichaeism
– Pauline language
– Moving beyond the Confessions
– Chasing Manichaean rabbits
– Pro-body and pro-woman

Science, Environmentalism, and Christianity
– In which we each pick one figure
– John Ray, the father of British naturalism
– Leonardo da Vinci
– Gregor Mendel

Gilmour Lectures
– The move from atomism to systematic thinking
– Spinoza’s reaction to Descartes
– Understanding everything to understand anything
– Noumenal and phenomenal
– Humans as the mind of God

Environmental and Public Policy
– Beautiful and friendly things
– Saving room for human beings
– Rhetoric and unsubtle points
– The romanticizing urbanite
– Wrongminded anti-environmentalism
– Nathan sounds like Christ the Center

Literary Environmentalism
– Thoreau, for what he’s worth
– Who’s too much with whom, Wordsworth?
– Tolkien as moderate voice

Questions to Ask
– What can we know about God from looking at creation?
– Why should one species care about the extinction of another?
– Who and what does God love?
– What did Jesus do?

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