The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #61: Euripides

General Introduction
– What is a triptych, anyway?
– We stand outside of time
– What’s on the blog?

Euripides the Man
– What do we know?
– Making fun of Euripides
– Misogynist
– Troubled loner
– The “happy plays”

– His unfortunate story
– Other sources for the myth
– Euripides’ first version
– Those amoral gods!
– Who’s really to blame here?

The Deus Ex Machina
– Petty yet ultimately vindictive behavior
– Aphrodite as metaphor
– Being kind to Aphrodite

Hippolytus’ Suffering
– For what does he suffer?
– Plato’s criticism of Euripides
– The realistic turn
– Absence of hamartia
– Hippolytus’ modern heirs
– Immoderate celibacy
– Misogyny

– Her long, troubled fate
– Never give a witch an inch
– Is she a proto-feminist or a monster?
Medea’s original reception
– Rapidly changing characters
– Aegeus’s cameo
– How does it compare to Seneca’s version?

Euripides’ Influence
– Medea as godly woman
– Euripides and Paul’s advice
– The dark side of paganism
– Melville’s quarrel
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