The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 41: Carpe Diem

General Introduction
– We’re all back!
– Farmer’s hobbit faux pas

Defining the Phenomenon
– Robin Williams and the English Romantics
– Personal fulfillment
– Raging against the machine with Glee
– How does one make life extraordinary, anyway?
– “Let your freak flag fly”: carpe diem gets crass

Hebrews and Greeks: A New Kind of Lazy Dichotomy
– Horace coins the terms
– How we all got Epicurus wrong
– Moderate partying, CHARLIE SHEEN
– Lack of ambition in Epicurean circles
– The Hebraic conflation
– Misreading Ecclesiastes
– The range of reactions in the canon

Is Christ a Hippie?
– We’re not supposed to worry about tomorrow, man
– The cultural difference
– A matter of faith
– Paul’s nod toward Epicurus

Let’s Talk Literature!
– Church of England priests get nasty
– Material reasons for carpe diem
– King Edwin regrets
– Drinking with Medieval Robin Williams
– Seizing the university life
– Privileged and petulant
– Libertarians and Stoics

Mad Dog Gilmour Breaks the Chain
– Why you can’t live every day like you’re dying
– Responsibility matters
– The lesson of J. Alfred Prufrock

The Takeaway
– Theological context is important
– Existentialism! Existentialism! Existentialism!


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