Episode #44: Ultimate Terms in Contemporary Rhetoric

General Introduction
– Nathan Gilmour watches from the stands
– What’s on the blog?
– The sad science of naming links posts
– Listener feedback
– Is anyone still listening?

Weaver and Plato, Redux
– Gorgias boasts—again
– How ultimate terms sway the masses
– What does charismatic mean?

God Terms and Devil Terms
– The movement and destination of rhetoric
– Progress as ultimate end of human existence
– Metanarratives, progressives and liberals
– Science! Science! Science!
– Prejudice and bigotry

Ultimate Terms and Politics
– Just try to analyze ‘em
– Unbuckling the word from the meaning
– Soundbite culture
– Patriotism: the last refuge of the scoundrel
– Live free or die

Religious God and Devil Terms
– Nathan Gilmour, the fundamentalist
– An ex-cathedra pronouncement re: religion
– Whose traditions?
– Why we’re all syncretists
– Nathan praises the Emergent Church for once

Let’s Talk Profanity!
– Thinkin’ ‘bout elimination
– Defecatory and copulatory inversion
– David Grubbs defends vulgarity

Can We Do Without Ultimate Terms?
– Why we need to talk about God, justice, and love
– Rhetoric needs a direction
– Analyzing the terms
A Practical Word to Freshman-Comp Teachers
– Educating on an individual level
– The Mr. Spock confusion riff
– The definition essay
– Legalizing marijuana, man
– Victoria’s undermining of ethnic slurs

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