The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #40: The King James Version

General Introduction
– Do suits make you smarter?
– Pardon Michial’s head cold
– A plug for the CWC

The History of the King James Version
– And the Bibles that preceded it
– The battle over footnotes
– The Geneva Bible
– A unity text

The KJV’s Influence on English-Language Literature
– Emerson and the prophet books
– Melville’s Shakespearean Bible
– The influence of Pilgrim’s Progress
– Twain eviscerates the Book of Mormon
– Walt Whitman the thundering god
– The KJV and the 19th-century cult
– Byron’s libertinism and guilt
– The Divine Voice in J.B.

Literalist Translation
– What does it mean, anyway?
– Dynamic equivalence and formal equivalence
– The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the English-Greek code
– Use of older translations
– The lost Revelation
– Explaining the metaphor

The KJV-Only Controversy
– Deconstructing King James inerrancy
– The manuscript view
– A new kind of Gnosticism?
– Jerome’s riot

The Poetic Virtues of the KJV
– A merit beyond the literary
– Self-conscious archaism
– Leaving the poetry intact
– David Grubbs: a man of many machetes
– What do we use the KJV for?
– Reading the Bible


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