The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #38: Nationalism

We hope you enjoy our fight in the final segment!

General Introduction
– Nathan Gilmour does it all
– Where’s Grubbsy this week?
– Is there a difference between Iowa and Ohio?
– Listener feedback

Nationalism, Tribalism, and the Ancient World
– The Roman origin of the word tribe
– Cities and states
– Multiple identities
– Ancient Empires and national borders
– Statehood in ancient Northern Europe
– To what extent do we identify ourselves with regions?

Hebrew Nationalism
– And its influence on later civilizations
– Land, seed, and blessing
– Migrations to various Promised Lands

Jesus Throws Everything Off Balance
– With whom do Christians identify?
– Jesus’ early audience
– Where’s our citizenship? Who’s our Savior?

Grubbs Goes Medieval
– The city of God and the city of man
– Church and state
– The first martyr of the British Isles
– Ethnogenesis and mythology
– Those Manichaean Plantagenets!
– Elizabeth and James tie it together
– The Nationalist Imagination

Entering the Modern World
– Church and king as tired and out-of-date
– Enlightenment nation-building
– The rise of intense national identity
– Personal identity and place of birth
– Nationalism or ideology?
– Is patriotism nationalism?
– Religious privatization
– Atomic bombs, crossbows, and swords
– Did the Archimedean Death Ray exist?

American Nationalism After 9/11
– David educates us all on flag etiquette
– American vulnerability
– Our shock that someone doesn’t envy us
– Liberal vs. conservative reactions
– How honest should the president be?

The Tea Party and the Future of Nationalism
– The conservative cannibalization of George W. Bush
– A center-free party
– A new kind of populism
– Is there a leftist nationalism?
– Nathan and Michial come out against Big Business; David chuckles
– Fragmentation, not polarization
– Wonks and single-issue voters

A Very Long Takeaway
– Do Mormons believe the Constitution is inerrant?
– We fight about the Constitution
– (Listen closely to hear Michial’s cat, Dottie. We’re not sure whom she’s agreeing with.)
– And then we finally get to the point


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