The Christian Humanist, Episode #35: Christian Rock

General Introduction
– Hey, there are three of us
– A suggestion from Josh Altmanshofer
– The bizarro-world podcast

Starting with the Personal
– Nathan Gilmour, bodyguard to the “stars”
– How Christian college kills your interest in Christian rock
– David’s family traditions
– The sins of Bill Gothard
– Boxing up the secular music
– Michial digs a little deeper
– Chrindie rock and Christian alternative

A Quick Background Sketch of the Early Days
– The counterculture of the 1970s
– Why Larry Norman is so important
– Why should the devil have all the good music?
– Pro-life activism and Christian rock
– David’s Forrest Gump moment
– It’s a different world (than where you come from)
A New Kind of Jesus Rock Record

A New Song?
– How revolutionary was early Christian rock?
– Nathan breaks the dichotomy…again
– The importance of the record store as a cultural institution

Let’s Attack Christian Rock!
– The ad hominem circumstantial argument
– Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll
– Co-opting Platonism
– How David changed his mind
– Is someone having sex to monastic chants?
– The “carbon-copy” argument
– Christian music’s distinct identity
– Nathan Gilmour kicks it old school
– Is Christian music objectively worse?
– Does Christian rock even want to be good rock?
– How iTunes changed the game

What is Christian Rock For?
– Is it a ministry or an artistic expression?
– Punting the witnessing question
– Making specific music for specific people
– Afflicting the comfortable with Steve Taylor
– Playing Nine Inch Nails in church
– Self-affliction: What rock ‘n’ roll does best

Lightning Round: Fix CCM in 60 Seconds
– Rock harder
– Reconsider what the genre does best
– Get with the times
– Make Christian rock and call it Christian rock
– Focus on quality

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