General Introduction
– Where’s Michial teach again?
– Stuck in the middle with the soulless Calvinists
– The plan for November

Talking Back, Not Bach
– One hand in the hornet’s nest
– Forgive us, please
– David and Michial hate each other

What Is Emotion, Anyway?
– Good feelings and a warm heart
– The Presence of GodTM
– Biological emotion
– Talkin’ bipolar
– That’s when it hit me: That luv is a verb!
– Emotion as orientation of affection

Calvinism and Emotions
– Why are we so suspicious?
– Calvinist intellectualism
– St. Augustine’s distrust of emotions
– Where the big T fits in
– A New Kind of Schleiermacherian Emotionalism
– Engaging emotion with the Pietists
– Head knowledge and heart knowledge
– Let’s talk Being instead of heart
– Where the Neo-Orthodox get it right
– On desire, in German
– The Calvinist worship service and the redirection of affection
– But who are we to judge?
– And here come the negative emotions!

Emotion in the Psalms
– Psalm 22 and Christ on the cross
– Moving from lowliness to glory
– How much did Christ have in mind?
– How “As the Deer” got it wrong
– The Psalm of Asaph
– From emotion to understanding to emotion

Jesus Is My Boyfriend
– The strange sexual hang-ups of “In the Secret”
– Ah, but we digress: the Song of Solomon
– Parental advisory

Public and Private Worship
– Jesus is my personal boyfriend (in the Middle Ages, anyway)
– Feelin’ Icky (The Book of Margery Kempe Song)
– Are Americans uncomfortable with corporate worship?
– Leaving on the emotion
– Is a Manwich a meal or an hors d’oeuvre?

Closing Thoughts
– Yeah…we don’t like music
– We’re not terribly cuddly
– Eeyore and Tigger
– Worship beyond music
– Waiting for the end of the prayer

Augustine. Confessions. Trans. R.S. Pine-Coffin. New York: Penguin, 1961.

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2 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #32.1: Church Music Revisited”
  1. “Manwich, Manwich” will be the opening song at my Church this Sunday in honor of the CHP.

  2. I side with you in this and the previous podcast for the most part. Still, though, I’m left wondering if it is possible that all the acrimony the discussion has generated to date is due to the emotion vs. doctrine debate just simply being the wrong framing of the question. Perhaps a better question is, in our worship are we entering into (or becoming aware of) the presence of the True God? In what we are doing, are we actually worshiping the actual God? If worship is not this, then it is worthless or far worse.

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