General Introduction
– Football season begins
– What’s on the blog?
– An argument about Jaws

Our History with Superheroes
– Crib notes: Only Gilmour was way into comics
– Michial played too many video games
– Marvel vs. DC

Premodern Models of Heroism
– The hero as function of a larger metaphysic
– Greek demigods
– Imperial and national mythology
– A discourse on the supernatural
– The Medieval era crosses the streams
– The virtuous hero

A New Kind of Hero
– Michial prepares a response to the wrong question
– Let’s talk cowboys
– Natty Bumppo rides off into the sunset
– Cowboys as symbols of anarchic freedom
– Abandoning your aristocratic background
– The cowboy code of honor
– Deconstructing the myth

David Rambles
– (GASP)
– The burgeoning market for “yellow literature”
– The birth of Superman/The birth of Lex Luthor
– Science fiction meets detectives

If Anyone Can, the Superman Can!!
– Parsing Nietzsche’s übermensch
– Conflating, then going two-dimensional
– Leopold and Loeb and Raskolnikov
– A response to the Nazis?
– What should the most powerful person on earth do?

The Batman; or, OH, GOOD FUH YOU
– Is Batman a superhero?
– Going dark with the dark knight
– Name that Batman!
– Power vs. time and money
– Adding the pariah superhero

Time to Pick Sides
– Nathan’s bizarre justification of Superman comics
– The tedium of the morally perfect hero
– Breaking the DC false dichotomy
– We choose our favorite X-Men

The Secret Identity
– Protecting loved ones
– Avoiding lawsuits
– Promulgating alienation
– The Scarlet Pimpernel and Zorro

Watchmen draws out the Nietzschean elements
– Nathan Gilmour, polyanna
– Now we fight about The Incredibles
– Who’s our übermensch?
– With great power comes great responsibility


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