At long last, the design phase is complete for five–five–new mugs! Three are occasional, in honor of our special summer episode guests, while the last two have been longstanding requests from my two comrades-in-blog, Nathan and Michial.

I) Christopher Marlowe, Elizabethan playwright and poet, spy, and all-around cool guy. Designed for Ryan Gilmour, our guest for the stand-up comedy episode.

II) Sir Francis Bacon, formulator of the scientific method and coiner of pithy epigrams. Designed for Dr. Dan Dawson, the tornado chaser.

III) Queen Elizabeth I, monarch of the British Isles and the eponym of one of the greatest periods of English literature. Designed for future Dr. Victoria Reynolds Farmer.

IV) Søren (Sören?) Kierkegaard, existentialist philosopher and melancholy Dane. Designed for Michial Farmer, our resident existentialist.

V) Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor and Dumb Ox, the master of useful distinctions. Designed for Nathan Gilmour, the Thomist among us.

Click on through to check’em out!

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