The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #22

Welcome to Season 2.5. The theme music this week is “Rock and Roll Dixie,” from the soundtrack to the video game The Neverhood. We also have a special guest host, Nathan Gilmour’s brother Ryan.

General Introduction
– Welcome to Season 2.5
– David Grubbs, our reporter from the field
– We get the dirt on Nathan
– What’s on the blog?
– Listener feedback

Ryan’s Story
– Mr. Gallops, Talking Horse Comedian
– Second City
– Birds on Life
– The life of a working comedian
– Dog hotel
– Our first bleep

Medieval Comedy
– Where have all the jesters gone?
– The handicapped, the short, and the studied
– Insulting the powerful
– Reading Shakespeare into the Middle Ages
– How universal are jesters?

Vaudeville and Minstrelsy
– American literary humor
– Medicine shows
– The complicated politics of blackface
– Racism and Disney cartoons

– A New Kind of Comedy
– Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor
– Taking comedy personally
– The Second City
Saturday Night Live

Radio, Television, and the Internet
– Censorship
– Increased sophistication and multiplying clichés
– Why Second City is funnier than Saturday Night Live
– How the Internet changed it all
– We talk about joke stealing for ten minutes
– Faking it
– Effusive praise for Dave Chappelle

Mean and Amoral Comedy
– How prudish is Nathan?
– Why the absurd requires the congruous
– The difference between mean and amoral
– Easy targets
– Please excuse our technical issues
– The Celebrity Roast

What we need to know about comedy
– Mean, mean Grandma Gilmour
– The future of the entertainment industry

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