The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #20: Judas Iscariot

This week’s theme music is “Judas Skin” from the Vigilantes of Love record Slow Dark Train.

General Introduction

– What’s on the blog?
– An historical moment for the Christian Humanist Podcast
– Detective fiction from Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett
– Our upcoming series on Lost

Introduction to Judas
– Getting agitated
– How do we picture him?
– Judas as revolutionary and hipster disciple
– What does Iscariot mean?

Etymology of “Judas”
– Judah the son of Israel
– Judas the Maccabee
– What this double lineage means

Jesus and Judas
– Why did Jesus pick Judas?
– Michial gives the Calvinist party line
– Zealots and tax collectors
– Judas as disciple, not betrayer

A Long Tangent About Inerrancy
– The Passover timeline
– Harmony vs. difference
– The search for the historical truth
– How did Judas die?

Judas in Literature
– Dante and “the morning breath of eternity”
– Anglo-Saxon Middle Ages stuff
– A New Kind of Judas: American literature

Judas on Film
The Matrix (of all things)
– Anti-semitism
– Why The Passion of the Christ is a bad movie

The Ghost of Judas
– His eternal destination
– Did Judas have to do what he did?
– To what extent are we ourselves Judases?
– Judas as fascist poet

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