Worried about that English lit test coming up?  Too busy to concern yourself with all that “Old English”?  Here’s a handy reference from GraphJam to help you out!  I don’t know that we’re offering windbreakers or anything fun like that, but if you can identify all of these without a Google search, you’ve bested someone who took his Ph.D comps in Renaissance Drama just two years ago.

If you have some device for gathering RSS feeds (I use Google Reader), I recommend Graph Jam for a quick laugh on occasion, something not quite as involved as Passive-Aggressive Notes but a bit more so than Fail Blog.  Good stuff all around.

(Please note that we Christian Humanists do not officially approve of GraphJam, SparkNotes, watching-the-movie-instead, or other cheap substitutes for reading one’s Shakespeare.)

One thought on “For our English Lit Students…”
  1. Not sure that I count here, but I know all but one 🙂

    Thanks for sharing; that site looks fun.

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