A few episodes back, in a wicked jab at the annual NPR radio fundraisers, we jestingly offered to send a listener a Christian Humanist windbreaker. It started as a joke, but it led to some thoughtful discussion about the possibility of offering CHP loot to our loyal audience, and we’ve deemed it a good idea. On one hand, we’re delighted by the idea of generating some love (and face recognition) for the writers and thinkers we admire: theologico-literary fandom is a bit lacking in the swag department, a deficiency demanding rectification. On the other hand, at this point in our lives, we wouldn’t sneer at a little filthy pelf coming our way: we’ve got mouths to feed, some more than others, and our own not least.

Anyway, here’s our debut piece: a coffee mug featuring the iconic visage of Martin Luther, along with the Luther quotation that serves as our standard sign-off phrase. In the months to come, watch for more faces and aphorisms from thinkers and writers the Christian Humanists admire!

The Christian Humanist Store

3 thoughts on “Commercial Break!”
  1. I can’t believe Sam didn’t beat you guys to the punch on this particular idea… In any case, here’s hoping that I’m the first to take advantage of this very special offer and offer my support to an incredibly worthy cause. 🙂

  2. What has the world come to? Next thing you know you guys will strike up a deal with Apple and offer a CH branded iPod pre-loaded with all your podcasts!


  3. I want to point out the BEST PART, which is that you can buy a BEER STEIN with Martin Luther’s face on it. Let’s face it, folks–ol’ Marty wouldn’t be drinking any coffee.

    Also, the beer stein costs more, so we get more royalties.

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