Commercial Break!

A few episodes back, in a wicked jab at the annual NPR radio fundraisers, we jestingly offered to send a listener a Christian Humanist windbreaker. It started as a joke, but it led to some thoughtful discussion about the possibility of offering CHP loot to our loyal audience, and we’ve deemed it a good idea. On one hand, we’re delighted by the idea of generating some love (and face recognition) for the writers and thinkers we admire: theologico-literary fandom is a bit lacking in the swag department, a deficiency demanding rectification. On the other hand, at this point in our lives, we wouldn’t sneer at a little filthy pelf coming our way: we’ve got mouths to feed, some more than others, and our own not least.

Anyway, here’s our debut piece: a coffee mug featuring the iconic visage of Martin Luther, along with the Luther quotation that serves as our standard sign-off phrase. In the months to come, watch for more faces and aphorisms from thinkers and writers the Christian Humanists admire!

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