As a student in a good Old Testament Introduction class will be able to tell you, Genesis 1 borrows structures and symbols and maybe even vocabulary from Babylonian texts like Enuma Elish to paint its particular picture of creation.  Likewise Proverbs 8 casts world-making in terms of international wisdom traditions, and John 1 appropriates Greek philosophical vocabularies to tell us of the logos who becomes sarx.  In his recent book God After Einstein: What’s Really Going on in the Universe, John Haught presents some possibilities for God-talk in light of three great immensities with which modern science concerns itself: the great spans of time from the Big Bang to last week; the great spans of distance that an expanding universe encompasses; and the great spans of complexity that emerge with life, consciousness, and everything that comes with them.  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to welcome Dr. Haught to talk about all that and more.

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