In this episode we apply our Christian Feminist lens to the role of Pastor’s Wife to consider how that lens might help us to better understand both the blessings and challenges of being a pastor’s wife. We are focusing specifically on pastors’ wives rather than pastors’ husbands because expectations on pastors’ wives tend to be different than on pastors’ husbands. Much has been written lately about pastors’ mental health and their leaving the ministry, but not much has been written about pastor’s wives’ mental health and the impact of the great pastors’ resignation on their wives. Hopefully, this episode will give voice to some of the struggles facing pastor’s wives and the systemic factors impacting them.


Beth Allison Barr’s Twitter Thread that inspired the episode


Christianity Today on Lifeway Survey about Being a Pastor’s Wife

Pastor’s Wife: Balancing Ministry and Health

Passing On

Redeeming Your Time by Jordan Raynor

This Treasure Within by Danel Vestal
Centuries by Thomas Traherne
Bonus Recommendation–related to our discussion of setting boundaries…The Flourishing Teacher by Christina Bieber Lake

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