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I’ve never been a professional psychologist, but when people talk about “Platonic” this and “Gnostic” that and–Heaven help us–”Greco-Roman thought” and demonstrating not only that they’re not familiar with the ancient philosophical communities but that they don’t care, I start to imagine that I know how psychologists feel when people declare themselves “introverts” on Instagram.  But fear not, listener, Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, in her recent book Ars Vitae: The Fate of Inwardness and the Return of the Ancient Arts of Living, not only distinguishes the real Stoics from their swords-and-sandals counterfeits but gives us some really good questions to pose as we think about how all of these things relate.  And even better: Plato is not the bad guy!  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to welcome Dr. Lasch-Quinn to the show to talk about the book.

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