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In my life as a professor I sometimes hear people oppose college education to vocational education, and I know basically what they’re talking about.  In vocational education, as folks tend to talk about things, people learn to take on the roles auto mechanics and child-care workers and computer programmers and other such roles rather than going to school to be lawyers or middle managers or physicians or engineers.  But vocation, I’m sure you listeners will remind me, derives from a Latin verb meaning to call, and vocation can and should also mean a kind of life that includes and expands beyond the work day to include our lives in all kinds of communities.  Jesus, quite importantly, calls a gathered people to a particular kind of life.  And that’s the matter of Charles Moore’s recent book Following the Call, an exploration of the compelling and daunting and complicated and straightforward call that the faithful hear whenever we hear the Sermon on the Mount read.  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to have Charles on the show to talk about this peculiar call.

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