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Victoria Reynolds Farmer, Katie Grubbs, and Christina Bieber Lake talk about some of Sappho’s poems about love:

  • “Some Call Ships, Infantry, or Horsemen” (Lobel-Page 16);
  • “That Fellow Strikes Me as God’s Double” (Lobel-Page 31);
  • “Star Clusters Near the Fair Moon Dim” (Lobel-Page 34);
  • “Like a Gale Smiting an Oak” (Lobel-Page 47);
  • “I Loved You Once” (Lobel-Page 49);
  • “In All Honesty, I Want to Die” (Lobel-Page 94);
  • “Off in Sardis” (Lobel-Page 96);
  • “Sweet Mother, I Can’t Take Shuttle in Hand” (Lobel-Page 102);
  • “That Impossible Predator” (Lobel-Page 130);
  • “Atthis, You Looked at What I Was” (Lobel-Page 131);
  • “You Were at Hand” (Voigt 48);
  • “Stand and Face Me” (Voigt 138);
  • “Moon and the Pleides Go Down” (Voigt 168b).



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