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I remember translating the opening verses of 1 Timothy 2 for a Greek class in seminary.  I had read the passage in English, and I had read some who insisted that whatever the book means when it says that God “desires that all be saved,” it couldn’t possibly mean what it actually says.  But here it was in the bedrock, the supreme authority in my Protestant world: the Greek text. Perhaps God does not merely desire but even intends or resolves to save all. There it was! Of course, I was not the scholar of antiquity that David Bentley Hart is, so these eighteen years later I was pleased to read his new book That All Shall Be Saved, from Yale University Press, in which he resolves to present not only exegetical but also philosophical and psychological reasons why we Christians would do well to take God’s salvation truly as universal.  Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to have him back on the show.

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