Ripley Episode:



  • Plot Overview for both movies 
  • Casting, production, reception 
  • Favorite Scenes 



  • What makes Ripley different than a male protagonist in the same role?
  • If you had never heard of Sigourney Weaver, when do you realize Ripley is the main character in the first movie?
  • How does she compare to the other females in the movies?
  • How does Ripley grow over the course of the movies?
  • How does her character change because of the two different genre of movie? (horror and war)
  • Are there any feminine allegories?
  • How is she similar or different from other sci-female heroines (Leia, Sarah Connor, etc)
  • Is she a Mary-Sue? (I don’t think she is) (compare her to Rey)



By Sara Klooster

Sara Klooster is a librarian living and researching in Fort Worth, Texas.

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